Monday, 20 May 2013

Busking across Europe


Today's photo of the day is more like, video of the day.
While I was in Madrid, I had the pleasure to meet two guys from Fresno California who had just begun their adventure touring around Europe for the next two months funded by their music.

After a night out fuelled by tequila and tango dancing, they offered to play some of their music, to which I couldn't refuse!

We went to the nearby Plaza Jacinto Benavente where the bus stop proved the perfect stage.

I wish the both of them the best of luck on their brave adventure!


  1. Danielle, Micah is my nephew. So glad you got to meet each other. I love your blog. I traveled for 8 weeks in Europe in summer of 1979. Life changing. God's blessings on your travels.

  2. Hello!!
    Thank you! I feel very lucky to have met your nephew - both he and Elijjah are wonderfully talented people, and so interesting! I've told them if they ever need anything, I'll be here :)