Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Something Old, Something New

One of the things I love about Córdoba is the lack of the influence of globalisation.
The clothes shops are mainly Spanish, although we have H&M and Benetton, all the others, such as Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear are Spanish.

McDonald's is now international cuisine. With only two that I know of and both out of the city centre, a "McPollo" wrapper on the street in Madrid was novel. I couldn't even tell you what is on the menu in a Spanish McDonald's, but I imagine there would be a McPaella, with a side of McSalmorejo, and if you go for the meal, you'd also get a Sangria.
The bonus toy with your Happy Meal, if you're interested, in my hypothetical Spanish stereotype, is a chorizo. Because there's no better toy than the one you can eat.

Starbucks, the face of the anti-globalisation movement, who even managed to open a store in the Forbidden City in Beijing, has not managed to open it's doors here. Not a single Starbucks here.

But yet, next to the city's pride and joy, our 1500 (or so) year old Mesquita, is a Burger King.

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