Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Cruces in Cordoba!

As I mentioned before, Cruces is a 5 day long party that starts on the 1st May which is also a public holiday.
The city is filled with floral crosses and marquees serving food and drinks pop up all over the place. People dance Sevillanas to traditional music and everyone is happy.

At night, it turns in to a party where the plazas (or squares) are filled with students and other people forming what is known as a botellón. Essentially what teenagers do in the park in England with cheap cider, here it's a massive cultural event without the negative connotations. A technically illegal street party where the police are nearby to confiscate alcohol that isn't bought at a stand. But they're not exactly strict.
What happens is an energetic party with music blaring out, drinking Rebujito - a refreshing cocktail of the region's fino (a type of white wine sherry) topped with lemonade, or sprite.

Muy divertido!

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