Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Feria de Los Patios

Welcome to May in Córdoba! 

This is truly the month Córdoba shines and shows off. It began with Cruces, which is when the town decorates with floral crosses and the whole city turns in to a Sevillana dancing botellón

Now, it's time for the Festival of the Courtyards.

Part of UNESCOs Intangible Cultural Heritage List, patios, or the inner courtyards from which the apartments and houses lead on to, are decorated ornately with terracotta pots filled with brightly coloured flowers. Some have wine and barbecues while others have guitar players and traditional singers. 

Patios which are usually kept private are opened to the public for a city wide competition to see who can decorate the most beautiful courtyard. The whole atmosphere is energetic with people from all over the world flooding to Córdoba to witness the scenes that end up as paintings. So picturesque and perfect you'd think it was some Hollywood director's idealised dream, you can't help but feel privileged to partake.

This is the best of Córdoba.

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