Thursday, 16 May 2013


At this time of year, all around Andalusia, there are marquees selling Caracoles.
In France, they're called escargots and in England, well, they're also called escargots. Maybe because it sounds better than ordering snails!

This picture was taken in Cádiz. Famous for it's seafood and abundant with caracoles!
I tried my first one last week, after my helpful friend pointed out their sad little cartoon-like faces.
In Spain, there are two types: big ones and small ones.
They come in a variety of sauces, usually a broth or a tomato based soup.
I sampled one of the small ones in broth. I must admit, I hesitated as I held the shell of the poor creature, looking at it's little face, before bringing it to my mouth and sucking it's little body out of it's little shell.

The verdict? It tastes like you'd expect a snail to - a bit like dirt. A very flavoursome dirt mind you, but dirt none the less.
I'm not sure I'd rush to have another portion, but I'd definitely try another variety if someone else was ordering it!

I think it's also worth a mention, the hostel I stayed in whilst in Cádiz was called Casa Caraol, hehe. If you come to Cádiz, I really do recommend this hostel. There are hammocks on the roof terrace where my new found friends and I chilled out at the end of the night, and relaxed under the sun during the day. It was a wonderful weekend!

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