Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Vamos A La Feria!

I came here a second time to spend more time and go to the casetas.
At the Feria, there are two parts: The fair ground part, where there are rides, games and food stands selling candy floss, churros, caramel nuts and all the other wonderful unhealthy snacks your pre diabetic pancreas can handle.
This picture is a particularly eye catching stand selling wine from Aragon. One of the busiest stands in the fair ground area, with people standing around holding little plastic cups of delicious Spanish red wine.

The other part are the marquees, or casetas. Each one is a different to the next, some selling freshly prepared food, others selling all sorts of wine, others were like bars and then there were ones that were like nightclubs. I don't even know how many casetas there were, but so many it was easy to get lost. Meeting friends was quite the task, trying to find a specific caseta.

The women were beautiful in their traditional dresses, a big flower adorning their heads and matching earrings. Some danced the traditional Sevillanas while some danced to the latest chart songs.

I tried on a traditional dress, complete with coordinating flower and earrings. It was beautiful, perfect for posing for pictures!

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